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Chrono Disfunglement is a 3D puzzle platformer in which you play a mysterious protagonist who has been lost in time. With the power to control time and to rewind objects, she must navigate her way through devious mechanisms of the strange dimension while avoiding the menacing time-consumer and escape the world before it's too late to save herself.
Chrono Disfunglement is currently under development and is built from the ground up using C++ and OpenGL

Solve Puzzles

Solve the puzzles in a way never seen before by changing time on individual objects without changing time itself! Can you see beyond the 3rd dimension?

Escape the World

Navigate your way through meticulously crafted levels that combine platforming, action and puzzles in an abstractly, psychedelic landscape. Remember, time is on your side.

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IGF 2013 Student Showcase Honorable Mention - Click here for full press release

DigiPen Game Awards 2013 Claude Comair Game of the Year - Click here for full press release

DigiPen Game Awards 2013 Most Innovative Design

DigiPen Game Awards 2013 Best Senior Game (Custom Engine)

DigiPen Game Awards 2013 Best Senior Technology

DigiPen Game Awards 2013 Best Graphics Technology (Custom Engine)

DigiPen Game Awards 2013 Best 3D Visual Design (Custom Engine)

What people have been saying about the game ...

"I still don't know what disfunglement means (it sounds rather painful), but I must admit to being quite impressed after playing a bit of Chrono Disfunglement" - Nathan Grayson, Rock Paper Shotgun

"Chrono Disfunglement is another outstanding offering from the talented people over at Digipen Institute. It's a third-person puzzle platformer that gives the feeling of a mix of Portal, Blinx: Time Sweeper, and a little Psychonauts." - Indie Impressions

"THAT ASS!" - RancidShambles

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